Dan Verbruggen

Welcome ! My name is Dan, a passionate photographer who’s trying to become better in photography every single day. I never leave my house without my gear. I have a very broad interest and you can see some examples here on my website.

I live in Belgium and like to travel.

In 2020 I achieved to become a European Photographer (EP) with my B&W portrait series from Papelrock 2019.

I”m also a member of the Belgian Beroepsforografen

Feel free to contact me if you would like to see more of my work, if you want to hire me for a specific photo assignment, maybe work together or for any other (photography) reason.

Looking forward to work with and/or for you!

(*) Portrait picture (c) Guy Verbruggen, Antwerp Photo Festival 2018 – pictures of Johnny Cash by Anton Corbijn.